Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Privacy Settings On Google+ - A "How-To" Guide

I know that not that many people use Google+ as most are still hooked on Facebook (I am one of those people) but I also own a Google+ profile. In many ways, I find Google+ to be a much better social network as it has MUCH less “stuff” going on with it – the privacy settings are also a lot simpler and you won’t have to search online to find out how to delete your account as that’s also been made far more straightforward. For these reasons, this will be quite a small guide.

Similar to Facebook, when you log into Google+ you’ll see recent updates from your Circles (circles are groups of friends or other people you can follow) but it also shows “What's hot on Google+” to help you discover new content on the internet (a bit like Twitter's trending topics feature). To view your privacy settings on Google+, click the cog icon in the top right hand corner:
As you can see from just this small section of the privacy options in the next screenshot, the information is lot easier to understand and a lot easier to navigate than Facebook's. At the moment, parts of my profile are Public, which means they could be found on a search engine or if someone happened to click on my profile through one of their friend's lists. I haven't included any personal information in the public sections of the profile so i'm not really bothered by this. If you want to select which parts of your profile you want to make private or public though, you can click the button saying “edit visibility on profile” and then following the instructions from there:

Next you can click “Google+” on the left hand menu which will show how people can connect with you:

I would suggest changing all these options to “friends only” if the account belongs to your child.

All your chosen security settings should now be customised to your own preferences. I hope you found this guide useful, if I’ve missed something out or you’d like more detail on something I’ve mentioned then leave me a comment & i’ll try to help, but as i’m not an employee of Google, then I may not be able to give you the best advice!


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